About us:

Brian has been an entertainment professional in Central Florida for many years, and owned and operated a very successful DJ business in
the early 2000’s.  Tragically in 2007, he lost the majority of his vision due to a medical condition.  Not one to let life pass him by, Brian jumped into this new adventure full force. He was looking for a professional outlet to help him grow, and still feed his creative personality. A chance encounter in 2016, led to the founding of Fuzzy Wuzzy Stuffin’ Station.

As Fuzzy Wuzzy grew, Brian knew he needed help if he wanted to continue to bring fun to the masses.  His tenacious work ethic and never say die attitude led to a partnership with a great friend Chuck; who was a fellow entertainer and entrepreneur.  It was a natural fit.  Since the partnership was formed, FWSS has had great growth. The future is bright for The Fuzzy Wuzzy Guyz!